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X-Ray Technician / Interest List

New students interested in the X-ray Technician class beginning in August of 2025 must complete an online form to get on the interest list.


This competency-based course is the first in a sequence of three designed for x-ray technology. It provides students with project-based experiences according to the California State certification examination requirements for the limited category of extremities and torso skeleton. Didactic instruction includes an orientation, general safety principles, communication skills, critical thinking skills, and resource management. Emphasis is placed on medical ethics, medical terminology, part one of anatomy and physiology including extremity and torso skeletal pathologies, part one of film critique, image receptor system, radiographic positioning, clinical assistant procedures, and the principles of exposure and image quality. Students are also provided clinical training in health care facilities supervised by the instructor and staff personnel to perform as safe, competent, and professional X-Ray Technicians. The passing of the state examination allows graduates to work as X-Ray Technicians under a supervising licentiate. The competencies in this course are aligned with the California High School Academic Content Standards and the California Career Technical Education Model Curriculum Standards.


Pre-Requisites X-ray Program:
1.    High School Diploma
2.    Medical License or an AA degree or higher.  The following licenses qualify for the program.
      a.    Medical Assistant License
      b.    Certified Nurse Assistant License
      c.    Pharmacy Technician License
      d.    EMT 
      e.    AA/AS degree or BA/BS degree in any subject area